Helping you grow your business and boost profits

Welcome to SYKAM – an accountancy firm with quality, personal service and a wealth of experience. Established by Stuart McDonagh, SYKAM provides highly professional accounting and tax services as well as a range of additional services to help you grow your business.

We differ from other accountancy practices because our team has many years of senior commercial experience and we provide you with ongoing help and advice during the year as an integral part of our service to you.


Having helped many businesses, we are here to provide an experienced sounding board for the myriad of questions that you will have when starting out. We can guide you in overcoming difficulties that many new business owners face and help you to make your new business a success.


Many businesses find that after a few years it feels as though no matter what they try their bottom-line refuses to increase. At times like this we have helped small businesses to identify their most profitable revenue streams and re-evaluate their product and service potential and see their profit grow.


Are you looking to initiate a project or raise capital? Stuart has over 20 years of financial experience at senior levels in a number of sectors including, energy, manufacturing, and in particular property development.


Not many people look forward to preparing their accounts or filing their tax returns. Whilst we can’t eliminate all of the hassle, we can help to make sure that your accounts are prepared and your tax returns filed without drama.


Ready to grow your business?