Helping you to make your new business a success


Starting in business is difficult enough without having to worry about bookkeeping, records, tax, dealing with HMRC etc., we can support you with all of these.

One of the first things to decide upon is the structure of your business; choosing between Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Limited Company.

By examining your individual needs we can allay your concerns and help you set up a business structure that suits you.

Having helped many businesses, we are here to provide an experienced sounding board for the myriad of questions that you will have when starting out. We can guide you in overcoming difficulties that many new business owners face and help you to make your new business a success.

Services that we provide include:

  • Working with you to select the most appropriate business structure
  • Dealing with HMRC and registrations for all relevant taxes including VAT, payroll, CIS and others as appropriate
  • Setup with Companies House (for LLP or Limited Company)
  • Helping you to set up your business record keeping
  • Helping you to understand what expenses can be claimed for
  • Accounting, tax planning, payroll and compliance with rules and regulations
  • Business planning and forecasting