Business Planning and Raising Capital

Are you looking to initiate a project or raise capital of between £100,000 and £10 million?

As an experienced Financial Director, Stuart can assist you with:

  • Strategic Planning across the business, with the aim of developing a 5 to 10 year roadmap
  • Financial Modelling for specific projects, new business steams and potential investments
  • Cash flow modelling and risk management
  • Budget preparations, performance targets and KPIs with a focus on ensuring strategic plans are met

Stuart has over 20 years of financial experience at senior levels in, energy, food manufacturing, specialist motor vehicle manufacturing and especially in property development. During this time he has participated in teams that have developed new products, successfully bid for funding and evaluated the purchase of businesses up to £100m.

Individual projects have ranged from £300,000 to £20 million.

Stuart is well used to providing investor-ready documentation in a format that investors expect and that has the level of research and rigour to stand up to the closest scrutiny.

My Ethos

Cash flow and P&L forecasts are an essential part of raising capital for any project. However, when presented properly, another key function is to deepen the management team’s understanding of how a business will perform.

Stuart prepares plans in a collaborative and integrated fashion – although doing so can take longer than the ‘locked away in separate office’ approach, the business owner can walk away feeling like they ‘own’ the results.